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Brief About the adminstrative set up

Mandya District comprises of seven taluks. The district has been divided into two revenue sub divisions namely Mandya & Pandavapura. Mandya subdivision consists of three taluks namely Mandya, Maddur & Malavalli. Pandvapura subdivision consists of four taluks namely Pandavapura, Srirangapatna, Nagamanagala & Krishnarajapet. Each sub division is headed by an Assistant Commissioner & all the taluks by Tahsildars. The Zill Panchayat is an apex body as far as Development works are concerned in rural areas. Every taluk has got a Taluk panchayat. There are 234 Gram Panchayats in Mandya district. Besides there are eight urban local bodies namely Mandya City municipal council, Maddur, Malavalli, Srirangapatna, Pandavapura, K.R.pet, Nagamangala Town Municipal Councils, & Bellur Town Panchayat.

Brief about the Terrain

Mandya District is bounded on the north by Hassan and Tumkur districts, on the east by Tumkur and Ramnagar Districts, on the south by Mysuru district and on the west by Hassan and Mysuru Districts. Mandya is located 100 mts from Bengaluru. Mandya District has Geographicals area of 4962 Sq.Km. Mandya city is the administrative centre of Mandya district. The climate of the district comprises of moderate summer & moderate Winter. Maximum temperature is 35 degree celsius & Minimum temperature is 20 degree Celsius. The average annual rainfall of the district is 700 mm.

Brief about any Specfic socio-economic –cultural peculiarities relevant from election management point of view

Mandya district is called as ‘’ SKKARENADU’’ (city of sugar) Agricluture is the back bone of the economic of Mandya district. Sugarcane is a major crop of the district and the district has 3 major sugar Factories. The other crops are paddy, jowar, pulses, maize, banana, ragi, coconut, & vegetables. The total geographical area is 4,98,244 Hectares, out of which 2,51,513 Hectares are of sown area. More than half of the total area in district put to agriculture use. Most of the people are employed in agricultural sector.

Mandya district has seven Assembly Constituencies namely 186-Malavalli, 187-Maddur, 188-Melukote, 189-Mandya, 190-Srirangapatna, 191-Nagamangala, & 192- Krishnarajpet. Mandya & Politics are inseparable. People of Mandya are actively involved in politics even otherwise during nonelection period.

The largest and prominent group in the district is Raithasanga. (farmers)

Brief about the infrastructure availablity

Mandya city is well connected by road and train between Bengaluru and Mysuru. Mandya district is a land of art and culture. Enacting drama is one of the passion of most of the people of the district. Mythological dramas are staged in many of the villages. Temple festivals, village festivals (jatras) are performed with fanfare. Mandya district has got several places of tourism interest. Brindavan gardens at KRS, Ranganathittu Bird sanctuary, kokkare bellur Bird sanctuary, the historical srirangapatna temple, Daria Daulat Bagh, Gumbaz, Sangam, Nimishamba Temple at Ganjam, shimsha falls at Malavalli taluk, Tonnur lake, at pandavapur taluk and Vairamudi Festival at Melukote, are very important attractive places of tourisam interest.