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Rivers Of Mandya

There are five rivers in the district, viz.,  Kaveri, Hemavathi, Lokapavani, Shimsha and the Viravaishnavi.

R The Kaveri  has its source on the Western Ghats in the Coorg District. It enters the district in Srirangapatna Taluk, just above the famous KRS Dam where it is joined by Hemavathi. Running South, the river flows into Mysore District and re-enters into Malvalli Taluk of Mandya. Here it branches through a range to enclose the Shivasamudram Island and takes a leap forming the two picturesque waterfalls, Gagana Chukki and Barachukki.

The Kaveri is one of the Holy rivers and a bath in it is considered sacred.

The river has brought plenty of prosperity to the region it traverses and its waters have been harnessed in several places both for irrigation and power, the most important of them being the KRS Dam near Mysore and Mettur Dam near Salem. Hydro-electric power is generated at Shivasamudram, Shimsha and Mettur.

Average Breadth: 300-400 Yards

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 R Hemavathi (Golden River) is also called, in kannada, Yenne Hole, the oily or shining River. It is one of the chief tributaries of the Kaveri and has its source at Javali in Mudegere taluk of Chikmagalur district. With an easterly course, it flows past Hole-Narsipur and bending South, enters Mandya at K.R.Pet to join Kaveri at the South Western side of the KRS waterspread.

Width: 350 feet near Hemagiri.


 J   Lokapavani, which means world-purifier, is a tributary of the Kaveri and has its source in Honakere hobli of Nagamangala Taluk. Flowing from north to south past Pandavapura, it receives the stream from the Moti Talab and joins the Northern branch of the Kaveri in Srirangapatna in Karighatta peak. It is a perennial stream.

Width: 150 feet

R Shimsha, Shimsha, also called the Shimshupa, the Kadamba and the Kadaba-kola, rised to the south of Devarayadurga in Tumkur District.  It runs by the side of Maddur town and, therefore, is also known as Maddur-hole.  Pursuing a south-easterly course, it runs through Malavalli taluk and joins the Cauvery, a few miles below the Shivasamudram falls.  It has a width of 250 to 300 feet in the lower reaches, but the river runs into a gorge at the place where it reaches the Cauvery.


 J Viravaishnavi, The Viravaishnavi enters the district in Bellur hobli in Nagamangala taluk and flows from west to east and leaves the district from Nelligere hobli to join the Shimsha river.

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