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            To promote skill development in order to take up Income Generating Activities in Urban and Rural areas as a supplementary source of income for women.


            The Annual Income of women should be below Rs. 25000/-.


            Any activity which enables women to enhance their economic status eg. Tailoring, Embroidery, servicing of electrical / electronic appliances, woolen knitting, printing, leather articles hand loom weaving, Bidre Work, honey bee rearing & honey processing, Silk Worm rearing, storage of vegetables & fruits and preservation etc.


        Teacher’s Salary.

        Rent for building required during training period.

        Raw-materials required during training period.

        Misc.Expenditure including stationery etc.,

        Tool kit costing upto Rs. 1000/- at the end of training.

Training programmes will be sanctioned to those mahila mandals who have successfully functioned for a minimum of 2 years from the date of registration.

Contact Office

1. Assistant Director, Department of Women & Child Development of the Concerned District.

2. Joint Director, District Industries Centre of the Concerned District.




            This is a Government sponsored scheme.  Under this scheme, poor women are encouraged to start small cottage industries like those in handloom weaving, making handicraft items, taking up animal husbandry etc.  For taking up of self employment activities a maximum of Rs. 25,000/- assistance is given from Bank with 25% as subsidy from the corporation subject to a maximum of Rs. 5,000/-.


            Women whose family income is not more than Rs. 12,000/- per annum in urban and semi-urban areas or not more than the income limit as per the IRDP norms in rural areas are eligible for the assistance.


            Loan up to Rs. 25,000/- per beneficiary from Nationalised Banks and other financial institutions.  Subsidy at 25% of the loan sanctioned subject to a maximum of Rs. 5,000/-.

Contact Office

            Assistant Director, Department of Women and Child Development of the Concerned District.


a.          Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme; under this programme information is provided for Entrepreneurship  and overall development of women.  This programme is normally organised for one / two days by the registered societies / institution.

            This Programme could be organised at village, slum areas, women’s colleges and also in towns and cities.  A budget allocation of Rs. 2000/-  -- 3000/- per programme is earmarked for this purpose.  The tentative date, place, subject experts, the subjects to be discussed and estimated budget proposal should be sent to the corporation.  


b.         Skill based Entrepreneurship Development Programme:

        Entrepreneurship Development Programme is meant for those women who are interested in starting income generating activities and manage these on their own EDPs are normally organised for 10 days.  The subjects covered include achievement, motivation training, preparation of project proposal, simple accounting, raw material management, marketing practical exposure etc.  The financial limit for organising a non-residential EDP is Rs. 25,000/- and Rs. 36,000/- for a residential EDP.

Contact Office

        1. Assistant Director, Department of Women and Child Development of the Concerned District.

            2. The Instituted which come under Bangalore urban area may contact women Development

                 Corporation, Head Office, Bangalore.




            In this advanced age, knowledge of computers is very essential in all fields.  In this background educated unemployed women are trained in computers in basic and advanced levels through various computers institutes by Karnataka State Women’s Development Corporation.


        6 months programmer course for P.U.C. and Degree pass candidates.


        No stipend to the participants.  The course fee is met by the corporation during the programme.

Contact Office

        1. Assistant Director, Department of Women and Child Development of the concerned District.

            2. The intended participants from Bangalore Urban District may contact Women Development

                Corporation, Head Office.  



        SANTHWANA is a new scheme of the Government sanctioned during 2000-01, aimed at rehabilitating women who are the victims of atrocities and exploitation. 

            “Santhwana” is a joint venture of the department of Women and Child Development and Women’s Dev.Corporation.

            Under the scheme the Department of Women and Child Dev. Will set up a “ Helpline” at the district level which is basically a counseling centre.  The Women’s Development Corporation will impart the skill development training to those women recommended by “Helpline” and help them to take up self employment.  During the training period women are provided boarding and lodging facilities by     

Karnataka State Women’s Development Corporation for a period of one year besides meeting the cost of training.

Contact Office

Asst. Directors of the above mentioned six districts.


a) Women’s Development Corporation  is facilitating income generation programme among women by organising Skill training programme and also loans through banks and financial institutions.  As a result, over the past few years several women have taken to production activities in a vide range of products.  It has been often felt that a proper and regular market network has to be provided to the women entrepreneurs to enable them to be self sustained in the income generation activities they have taken to.

        WDC proposed to organise exhibitions in important centres of the State on a regular basis through its H.O. and also through its Ads in the districts to bring women entrepreneurs and potential customers together.  Further NGOs are also proposed to be given assistance for organising exhibitions and sales on their own.  These exhibitions will not only result in sales but will also develop networks.  During the 9th plan it is proposed to give special attention to develop markets for women entrepreneurs.

b) Exhibitions: To strengthen the marketing facilities to women entrepreneurs, institutions and organisations, Karnataka State Women’s Development Corporation is conducting exhibition in Bangalore and all other cities of the State.  Every year on the international women’s day, Corporation conducts an exhibition cum sale on a large scale at Bangalore, in the month of March.  Opportunity will be given to women entrepreneurs and organisations from all over the State to participate in the exhibition on the basis of their quality and quantity of production.  Apart from this every year opportunity will also be given to participate in Dasara Exhibition at Mysore.

            Women entrepreneurs and organisations seeking marketing assistance should register their names with Assistant General Manager, Karnataka State Women’s Development Corporation, head office, Bangalore or with Ads of W & CD in the districts.




            This is an innovative scheme for women to take up business activities offering very favourable terms of lending and substantial subsidy.  In the absence of any scheme to fund business / Trading activity, women are forced to borrow from unorganised sector at very high interest.


        The age limit for the beneficiary is between 18-50 years.


            General Category limit of family income to avail this benefit is Rs. 25,000 p.a. Special Category: SC, ST, Widow, Disabled, there is no income limit. 


            This scheme proposes to fund for taking up of Business Activities upto a unit cost of Rs. 50,000/- with a subsidy being provided from WDC and loan from Banks.


            Special category (SC/ST, Widow, disabled) 30% of the total project cost, General Category: 20% of the total project cost.