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Issue of Arms licenses and Renewal of licenses

Issue of Arms licenses

The applicant has to submit application prescribed in form ‘A’ affixing court fee stamp of Rs.2.00 (duly filled) to the Deputy Commissioner concerned as per rule 51 of Arms rule 1962 

On receipt of application it will be sent to Superintendent of Police concerned for verification and report, as per section 13(2) of Arms Act 1959. After receipt of report from Superintendent of Police, action will be taken towards issue of Arms licenses on production of the following documents by the applicant

1.        License fee  as  prescribed

2.        Two copies of passport size photos

3.        Medical fitness certificate

4.         Arms training certificate

5.        Records relating to substantiate the Jurisdiction sought for in the application.

6.        R. T. C. copies (for crop protection)

While carrying weapons, the licensee should produce the license on demand from the concerned officials or from the Police, failing which, they will be arrested apart from having the weapons confiscated as per section 19 & 20 of Arms Act 1959.

The D.M and A.D.M can seize the weapons from the persons not having valid license as per section 22 of Arms act 1959.

Renewal of licenses

        The applicants are required to submit application in writing affixing court fee stamp of Rs.2-00 along with original license book and challan for having remit the prescribed renewal fees before expiry of the license period. The licenses will be renewed for a period of three years as per section 15 & 16 of Arms act 1959. If the license has not got renewed well in time, action will be taken to levy the fine for each year as per rule 57 and as prescribed by the Government and also action will be taken to cancel the license by issuing notice to the concerned.

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