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Implementation of Bonded Labour System Abolition

            The District Magistrate is the implementing authority for the provisions of the Bonded Labour System(Abolition) Act, 1976, under which the bonded labour system was abolished and the bonded labourers were freed from and discharged from any obligation to render any bonded labour and thier bonded debts were also extinguished.

            The Deputy Commissioner is authorised to promote the welfare of the freed bonded labourer by securing and protecting the economic interests of such a bonded labourer so that he may not have any occassion or reason to contract any further bonded debt.

            In the year 2000, a total of 25 families were freed from the stone quarry and crusher in Hangarahalli village of Mandya District. These bonded labourers were chained and kept in inhuman conditions by a quarry owner. Subsequently, they were rehabilitated at Ganjam village of Srirangapatna Municipality. All the houses that were constructed for them, have been completed and have been handed over for occupation. The following rehabilitation measures have been taken for the 25 families of freed bonded labour from the Stone quarry and crusher at Hangarahalli.


Rehabilitation Measure





Sanction of free house sites


25 free house sites were granted to the families. Hakku patra were distributed

The dimension of the site is 20 x 30.


Construction of 25 house

Rs 40,000 each

Houses have been completed and handed over to the families

The houses were constructed by the Karnataka Land Army Corporation


Ex-gratia grant to the families of SC workers

25,0000 per family

Rs. 6250 per family has been given at the initial stage. A total of 18 families have been assisted

Rest of the grant will be given on conviction of the accused as per the Government Order


Measures for temporary rehabilitation

Rs 64,000

A sum of Rs 3250 each for 18 families was sanctioned and paid for temporary rehabilitation measures like construction of temporary sheds, purchase of rice, utensils, stove and some cash

Tahsildar, S.R. Patna was released this amount and he undertook the temporary measures.



Economic Rehabilitation: Loans from the Karnataka SC and ST Development Corporation


First installment of loan has been released for the following activities:

Dairy - 5 Families

Cloth Business- 2 Families

Vegetable vending- 4 Families

Petty Shops – 5 families

A total of 16 families belonging to the SC have been assisted. Assets have been created


Special grant from the Chief Minister’s relief fund.

Rs. 25,000 each

5 families of the workers who were chained by the quarry owner were given Rs 25,000 each from the CM’s Relief fund

The cheques were distributed in July 2000.




Rehabilitation grant under the Centrally sponsored scheme

Rs 20,000 each

The Assistant Commissioner has completed his enquiry and given release certificate to 36 labourers. The list which was forwarded to the Zilla Panchayat for sanction and disbursement of rehabilitation grant, has been sanctioned.

The families not belonging to the SC have been sanctioned loan from the Banks. They have to be disbursed.


Education of the children of the freed bonded labour


20 children have been adopted by the J.S.S. Matha and they have been admitted to the JSS School at Suttur, Mysore


Sanction of a quarry to a Cooperative society of the released bonded labour


A stone quarry in survey number 18 of Neelanakoppalu village of Srirangapatna taluk has been sanctioned by the Director of Mines and Geology to the cooperative society.

The quarrying lease has been given and the released bonded labours are running the quarry on their own.


Economic Rehabilitation: Loans from the Backward classes and Minorities Development Corporation



Under Chaitanya Scheme the Backward classes and minorities Development   Corporation, Mandya has sanctioned Rs.20,000/- each four backward class and minorities families of released bonded labourers.



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