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Mandya District is well known for patronizing dramas and artists. It has state wide reputation for its colour full and luxurious drama sceneries. Worth mentioning  are ‘Benne and ‘Bangari Smt. Puttamma who associated herself with  ‘Hirannaiah  Sthree Nataka Mandali’  was also a ‘Hari Vidhwan’ another well artist in this field was ‘Malavalli Sudramma’. While writing about stage giants of Mandya district it becomes incomplete if one doesn’t mention the name of  Sri.  H.K.Yoga Narsimha of Hosaholalu. The role of Gelayara Balaga is significant in introducing the modern dramas for the spectators of Mandya. This organisation staged many artistic dramas and also provided a forum to many drama organisation such as Rangayana , Ninasam-Thirugata etc., The contribution of  Late Sri. K.V. Shankare Gowda to this field is also unforgettable. He has written a drama Paduka kireeti based on the Ramayana Dharsanam.


Ganjifa Art

The Ancient Indian treatise, Citra Sutra, states that of all the Arts, Painting is the best. Paintings served not only to decorate the walls of a house but were perceived to be 'Mangala Vastus' or objects of auspiciousness. That is, paintings brought happiness and peace to the viewer and also lent beauty and ambience to a home.

Mysore Ganjifa Art had almost been lost in India till it was revived by Raghupathi Bhatta. Deeply devoted to the ancient techniques of depicting mythological themes with minute, intricate and detailed symbolism, Raghupathi Bhatta has mastered the miniature style of painting. 

Utilizing the rich natural resources of flowers, leaves, sandalwood and tamarind paste, as prescribed in the ancient Indian texts to give colour and form to his miniatures, Raghupathi Bhatta also lacquers the paintings to preserve them for posterity.

The Bhagavad-Gita or the song of the Lord serves as the source of inspiration for Raghupathi Bhatta's paintings. The Gita was not merely advice given to Arjuna by Krishna in the battlefield. It is the source of mystic philosophy, practical wisdom and beautiful poetry to the eyes of the artist, citric and ordinary beholder or rasika.


Ganjifa Raghupathi Bhatta

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