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District Training Institute, Mandya


            District Training Institute , Mandya established in the year  1977 serves to cater to the training needs of the Government functionaries in the District.  This institute has an well equipped training infrastructure with hostel facilities. 

             This institution offers training programmes in Time Management, Stress Management, Interpersonal behavioural Skills, Team development, Leadership skills Direct Trainer skills in addition to knowledge and skill training in General administration, Accounting, Personnel Management, Development administration, Budgeting, Pension Settlement and other service matters.

          This institution also takes up Training need analysis, Training design, consultancy and other approaches to systematic training.

          In keeping with the objectives of National Training Policy and State training policy. This training institution is striving to achieve; 

a)      Updating and enhancing professional knowledge and skills needed for better performance;

b)      Promoting of better understanding of professional requirements as well as

sensitisation to professional, socio-economic and political requirement in  which work is done; and

c)      Bringing about right attitudinal orientations.

In all this Institution focus on:

(a)    Responsiveness: to the challenging Democratic needs and expectations of the citizens and organisational and technological developments.

(b)   Commitment: to democratic values of partnership and participative decision making.

(c)    Awareness: of technological, economic and social developments.

(d)   Infusion of scientific temper.

(e)    Accountability: to ensure high performance in every professional field and cost effective methods of delivery.


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