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Vairamudi  or Vajramukuta Festival

The Vairamudi festival, is the chief annual celebration at  the Cheluva Narayana Swamy Temple at Melukote, attended by more than half a lakh of  people. This temple is richly endowed, having been under the special patronage of the Mysore Rajas, and has a most valuable collection of jewels.  Among them are the three crowns - the Raja Mudi, Krishna Raja Mudi and the Vairmudi. All these three crowns are kept in safe custody in the palace at Mysore and each is brought to the temple in the presence of the Deputy Commissioner of Mandya on a specific annual occasion for adorning the image of Cheluvarayaswami. 

 As early as 1614, the Mysore king Raja Wodeyar (1578-1617), who first acquired Srirangapatna and adopted the Srivaishnava faith, made over to the temple and the Brahmins at Melkote, the estate granted to him by the Vijayanagar king Venkatapati Raya.  On one of the pillars of the navaranga of the Narayanaswami temple is a bas-relief, about one-and-a-half  feet high, of Raja Wodeyar, standing with folded hands, with  the name high, of Raja Wodeyar, standing with the name inscribed on the base.  He is said to have been a great devotee of the presiding deity and a constant visitor to the temple.  A gold crown set with precious jewels was presented by him to the temple.  This crown is known as Raja-mudi after his name.  A tradition says that on the day of his death, he was observed entering the sanctum and was seen no more afterwards.  From the inscriptions on some of the gold jewels and on gold and silver vessels in the temple, it is learnt that they were presents from Tipu, Krishnaraja Wodeyar III and his queens.  There is also an inscription of 1785, showing that Tipu Sultan gave some elephants to the temple.  Krishnaraja Wodeyar III also presented to the temple a crown set with precious jewels; it is known after him as krishnaraja-mudi.  Vairamudi or Vajramukuta, another crown of great value, seems to be older than the Raja-mudi and Krishnaraja-mudi and it is not known as to who gave it to the temple.

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