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Computerisation of Land Records: Mandya is a predominantly rural district. Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy. Land is, therefore, of crucial importance. The land record maintenance system in Mandya has not been very strong, which has resulted in litigation of enormous proportions. Plugging the loopholes in the system and making the records available to the citizen in least amount of time and at affordable cost and in a transparent manner is, therefore, of crucial importance. Government of Karnataka is implementing the centrally sponsored project on computerisation of land records. Mandya district is in the forefront of this implementation. All the 7 taluks of this district will have online system of maintaining and managing the land records by October 2001. Under this system the record of rights can be delivered online to the citizens on payment of certain user fee. This service is already being performed in five taluks.


  The Government has recently amended section 77-A of  KLR Act 1961 with an intention to provide an opportunity to tenants who were not able to file their applications in Form 7 within the prescribed time. Such tenants are given time from 31-10-98 to 30-04-99. They had filed their declaration in Form 7-A to the Tahsildar concerned and the Tahsildar concerned will verify such applications and place before Deputy Commissioner or by the delegated  authority. The Authority will enquire the matter and inspect the spot if necessary and pass order as it deems fit  and the Tahsildar will issue the  saguvali chit after collecting the required fee or the endorsement in case of  rejected cases.


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    The particulars of such cases received and disposed of in the District is as follows:-

Regularization of unauthorized construction of dwelling houses in Government lands (U/S 94C of KLR Act 64)

                The applicant shall make an application to the Tahsildar in Form No 1 along with a fee of Rs.5/- in respect of SC/ST and Rs.50/- in respect of others accompanied with a site plan of land in which unauthorized construction is situated and other necessary documents.

                The Prescribed Authority or the Tahsildar, shall issue a notice to the applicant to produce documents if any in support of his claim, and shall also issue a public notice in the Village or Town, fixing up a date for enquiry. The enquiry shall be held in the presence of the villagers and on completion of the enquiry he shall pass an order provisionally granting/rejecting order in all such cases.

                The conditions of Grant under these rules are as follows:-

1.        No land shall be granted if the applicant or any member of  the family owns a building or a site within the area (Urban or Rural) in which the land is situated.

2.        He shall be eligible for grant of land, only one dwelling house either in his name or in the name of any member of the family.

3.        The land shall be used only for the purpose of dwelling house and shall not be alienated for 15 years.

4.        The grant is liable to be terminated and resumed to Government if it is appropriated for any  other purpose other  than dwelling house and if the grantee contravenes any of the conditions of  grant. 

                After the provisional grant, the grantee shall pay the amount as per rules within 2 months from the date of order and shall get the deed executed at his cost. On execution of the deed, the Tahsildar/Assistant Commissioner shall issue an order of grant.

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The details of applications received and disposed in the district is as follows:-

Regularisation of unauthorised occupation of Government Lands:-

                Any person who is in unauthorized occupation of the Government land at least for 3 years may make an application to the Tahsildar in Form 50/53. The Tahsildar shall enter the particulars of application in a register and place the application after scrutiny before the committee formed for consideration. The committee for the purpose will verify the application and determine the extent to be granted to the applicant and the amount required to be paid by him. A notice in this regard will be published in the chavadi of the concerned village calling for objections by the interested persons within a period of 15 days. After the period of 15 days, the committee will take the decision on the application, either to grant or  to reject it. On such recommendation, the Tahsildar, shall issue an order of grant and issue the sagavali chit after collecting the upset price.

                 In such cases, the applicant shall have attained the age of 18 years, he shall be a permanent resident of the taluk or adjacent taluk, and he shall be a bonafide agriculturist and be not prohibited from holding or acquiring land under the provisions of  K.L. Reforms Act 1961.

                 The grantee shall not alienate the land for 15 years, and shall cultivate the land personally and he shall within a period of 6 months plant at least one tree for every 10 guntas of land. Such grant of land shall be liable to be cancelled if it has been obtained by making false or fraudulent representation or is contrary to the rules.

                 The land reserved for the public purpose U/S 71 of the KLR Act 64 and the land classified as  Devara Kadu, Gunduthopu, Tankshed, Phut Kharab, Halla Kharab, datereserve and burial grounds shall not be granted under these rules.

                 However, the last date fixed for submitting applications was 30-4-1999 and further extension if any has be  ordered by Government.

                The particulars of applications received and land regularized in this district is as follows:- 

No of Applications Received

No applications Disposed



Extent( A- G)





1,18, 966






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