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         The Academy of Sanskrit Research, is an autonomous body established in Melkote at the instance of the Government of Karnataka.  It is working in Melkote in the field of Sanskrit for the past 23 years.  It is striving hard to bring Sanskrit to the mainstream of modern world by knowledge mining in the source books of Sanskrit.   For the past nine years, it is struggling hard to bring Sanskrit and Computers together, since Sanskrit is the most scientific language which can be used for Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Computers. 

After conducting experiments, it has developed several software which are most useful for NLP in Indian languages, since most of the Indian languages are based on Sanskrit.  It has brought out many software programs such as Bodha, Semusi, Prajna, Chetana, Panini, Janani, Medha, Bharathi, Sasanam, Nrpatunga, Pulavar etc., useful for parsing Indian languages. 

         The main activity of the Academy is deep research in the field of Visistadvaita philosophy and its comparative study with other Systems of Thought.   While researching in the Visistadvaitic works, it is found that its valuable logical systems could be used for Information Technology, Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Representation etc.   Besides, the Academy is also training students for courses at M.A., and Ph.D., levels.   Being recognized as a Scientific Research Organization by the Ministry of Science and Technology, it has taken up certain research projects with regard to ancient sciences which are available in Sanskrit. 

         The Academy has collected more than 10,000 rare palm leaf and paper manuscripts.  These are scientifically preserved for the posterity.  Recently, the Academy has started an advanced Digitization Station for digitizing all the manuscripts and books which are out of print.  Over and above, we have library with a large collection of valuable books on different Schools of Thought, in addition to the books on general subjects.   


At present, these are the projects on hand :

1.                 Visistadvaita Kosa in 10 volumes

2.                 Critical edition of nine works of Acharya Ramanuja

3.                 Critical edition of 14 major Upanisads with Visistadvaita commentary in Sanskrit, English and Kannada

4.                 Bibliography of Visistadvaita, Advaita and Dvaita works

5.                 Bhagavadvisayam with commentary in Kannada

6.                 Iron and Steel in ancient India

7.                 Indian concepts of Cosmology

8.                 Critical translation of Sribhashyam into Kannada

9.                 Ekadantavidya or Sanskrit Speech Recognition

10.             Translation of Thiruvaimoli into Sanskrit

The following projects are on the anvil

1.                 Copper in ancient India

2.                 Agriculture in ancient India

3.                 The Science of Meteorology

4.                 Preservation & Digitization of Sanskrit manuscripts

5.                 Research in Pancharatra Agamas


Facilities available:

Scholars and seekers of knowledge who want to pursue their studies in various branches of Indology have got facilities to stay in the campus of the Academy and pursue their studies.