Category Historic, Religious

This is situated five kms to the east of taluk centre Srirangapattana and is located on the left bank of the river Lokapavani and on the Srirangapattana- Bannuru road. The place is a delight to nature lovers because of this high Hill (2697 feet), a significant place for devotees because of the Venkataramanaswamy (Shreenivasa) temple, an eye-filling place of confluence of the rivers viz., North Kaveri and Lokapavani. The place has become a famous Tourist spot. Ancient inscriptions refer to this place as Karighatta, Karrighatta.

The top of the hill can be climbed by a steep curved road on vehicle or by climbing it. There is the Venkataramanaswamy temple built during the reign of Mysore kings (Raja Odeya) and has a spacious prakara..