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The dam built across the river Kaveri at Kannambadi, initially called as ‘Kannambadi Katte’, was later named as Krishnaraja Sagara in 1917 after the king Krishnaraja Odeya IV. The Brindavan Gardens located at the bottom of the dam site has made this place world famous. This place known as a ‘Tourists paradise’ With a view to supply water to the hydro-electric power station at Shivasamudra, drinking water to the Mysore City, as well as for a continuous supply of Kaveri water to irrigational purposes, the Engineers and Planners of the erstwhile Mysore State thought of this dam. the dam work was completed in between 1911-1932 at a cost of two and a half crore rupees. The dam is 8600 feet in length and 130 feet in height. The dam has arch type 177 Iron sluices and some of them have automatic doors.