Category Natural / Scenic beauty, Recreational

This is located three km west of the taluk centre Srirangapattana, very near to the western flow of the river Kaveri known as ‘Paschima Vahini’ and is spread over several small islands of about 0.67 sq km, formed by the river Kaveri. Here the river Kaveri branches into two, flow for four furlongs and then combine once again. This island has a deposit of Limestone and has become a natural sanctuary because of the migration of Places of Interest 1025 different birds from distant countries during a particular season. Bird lover and entomologist Saleem Ali is responsible for this place being declared ‘National Bird Sanctuary’ as early as in June 1940. Now it is a preserved one. The big island has plenty of vegetation and a habitation of animals like Navilu (Peacock), Nari (Jackal Rabits), Mola, Kadudana (forest cow), Jinke (antelope) and others. This natural island group provides natural protection and food. Birds visit this place starting from January to October from distant countries. The scene will be one of happiness to all eyes. The period between July and October, when the birds lay their eggs and hatch them is the appropriate time to visit this sanctuary.